Diamond Plate Games

Game size 9" X 16" X 30"
Game Priced from $999

Footprint One Square Foot

Diamond Plate Game Cabinets are sturdy, bright, light, attractive & functional.
They are easy to package, ship and place into a location. The finish is very
durable and long lasting. Price is comprable with any other type of game cabinet.

Insert coin(s) to start play. Game is controlled electronically and the vacuum is moved from
side to side repeatedly. Player can stop the movement with the red (STOP) button to position.
When the cup is over the tube the PLAYER then presses the yellow (DOWN) button. The vacuum
lowers and, if correctly positioned, enters the tube for a win. If the player wins the prize
is delivered to the dispense chute and the player can redeem the card for a prize, gift, tickets
or merchandise. A very simple, reliable patented movement controls the play. The difficulty is
set by adjusting the three screws. The distance between the screws and the tube sets the difficulty.
Less room is harder, more room is more simple. Easy to play and understand for all ages.

A Classic Game of Skill.

Sample of Gift Card Prizes

Sample of Post Card Prizes

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US Patent #8,070,167
US Patent #9,539,496
Other Patents Pending